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You registery office 

South African Law stipulates that the legal proceedings need to take place either in a church, government building or private residence.

In other words a visit to an unceremonious registry office is not necessary! It can either take place where you are staying or if you intend being married in a church at that venue as well.

The legal proceedings take about a quarter of an hour and entail, in the presence of two witnesses with a passport or South African ID document, the signing of an affidavit and the marriage register.

That's it - you are now legally married!


If required KapEvent can - at a nominal fee - organise two witnesses.

Prep talk 

Before the wedding the marriage officer and minister of religion, invites you to join him in a personal conversation to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere, as well as to clarify all details and contents of the wedding ceremony.

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